Sunday, December 14, 2008

omigosh omigosh omigosh!

I finished something!!!! I finished one of the really long things!!!!

and yesterday I knitted a lot of adorable flowers that I'm felting today. And I'm scheming and assembling some other things that were felted a few weeks ago and are now being sewn into other things. My sister even recognized one of them, with some surprise, from its original form when she dropped by yesterday.

Is this killing you? I could probably just say what I'm making since most of my family pretty much never looks at this blog and would not have their surprises spoiled, but just in case, 'thing' is safest. On the 27th, I will post pics, promise.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a break from chicken stock assemblage (still trying to break the chocolate habit with endless bowls of soup) to report that I now have 12+ things to do in the next six days. If I can get a bunch of them done today, then maybe...

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Kathleen Taylor said...

how wonderful to cross things off the list! Can't wait for pics.

And you do know that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is lower in sugar and carbs than any other candy? You can actually indulge safely (even the diabetic in my house can have some without ill effects, and I have chocolate chips for my snack every evening. nothing gets between me and my chocolate chips...)(not that there is anything wrong with wonderful homemade chicken stock- but I'd want both that AND chocolate)