Monday, December 15, 2008

Chicken soup for the not very bright

Well, the stock's all cooled and strained and ready for instant suppers all week, which I will need, because even after jettisoning a few bonus gifts* I still have 7.5 items that absolutely must happen in the next 6-8 days. Plus, you know, baking and party planning (I'm organizing two parties) and wrapping, which is going to be mostly brown paper lunch bags. Love those things.

But back to the not very bright. Too much knitting! My eyes are all twisty and sore and I need exercise and I've felt - this may shock you - a little pressure, which is Not Festive.

So: the KnitFrenzy was unrealistic but still, the things look so great. I designed 4 patterns, and even the design flaw in one (not discovered until after running it through the washer in hot water, at which point ripping out is not an option) is totally address-able thanks to my having a handy pair of funky buttons. And once they're on, I'm taking time to get the camera out - I gotta have pictures of the bounty to remind myself not to get into this particular trouble again.

*I am totally finishing the jettisoned projects for future presents. And some of the stuff I made for people this time... I am making those again in January for other people, so I can have KnitFrenzy 2009 with 20% less Frenzy.


Kathleen Taylor said...

Good plan. Every year, I say that I am going to start my Christmas Knitting in July. I hardly ever do it, but I say it every year.

Karen said...

For those who knit for the holidays (not me, as I tend to give stuff out with gay abandon all year, and thus having holiday knitted stuff from me would likely be a little anticlimactic), I think overcommitment/pre-Xmas insanity is pretty much the norm, no? Don't sweat it -- in the worst case, that's what malls are for...(I know, heresy, but still, just putting it out there.)

Mary Keenan said...

the MALL???

Okay, I was just there, and I scored the perfect thing to go with a knitted thing that is not yet knit, which raises that one up the urgency chart, but was otherwise helpful.

I also scored all the stuff I was not intending to knit, which means I now have bonus knitting time. Yay!