Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As I launch into the final death throes of my Grand Scheme (aka knitfrenzy 08) I am watching a lot of Fearless Planet, a highly dramatic series about geology that ran on Discovery Channel. I guess geology isn't really exciting enough because there is a lot of thrilling music and elaborate special effects with time-lapse digital animation and cliffhangery writing to make it more watchable.

As it happens, I would have been happy with less of the fake and more footage of the Northern Lights and Grand Canyon, and the cave drawings of swimmers found in the middle of the Sahara Desert - proof that it was once pleasant there.

Elaborate presentation or no, though, there's no getting away from the idea that our current disaster of climate change is not something this planet has never faced before. Our descendants 2000 years out were unlikely to enjoy the same comparative peacefulness even if we hadn't made such a muck of things, and that alone makes the program a poor viewing choice for me. If all our hard work to make something of ourselves and our communities is just going to fall away some day, does it really matter if I get these Things made? Especially if I could put my feet up and eat a bag of Miss Vickie's potato chips instead? Never mind. Of course it does. And now I will get back to my needles - with the TV off.

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