Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Turkey Tips

Happy elf day! the day when it all comes together or forget it. I have two things left to knit and a very good chance of pulling them off. Of course, I also want to sew a few tiny things and will probably be stitching on my way to deliver presents.

Today I pick up a turkey and stuffing and gravy. Last year I brined the turkey and didn't rinse it enough and the gravy tasted like it was made with sea water, which is a shame because gravy is one thing I'm good at. Just in case I blow it again this year, I'm getting some of what the butcher is selling.

My friend Dave called this week and I shared my salty shame, and after very nicely commending me for brining the turkey in the first place he told me the best, as in evil, turkey tip: Get bacon. Really fatty thick slices of bacon you would never ever buy just to cook and eat, and lay them all over the top of the turkey and roast it as usual. When you're done you have turkey, plus bacon! what a bonus. And the finest makings for gravy. Also probably a heart attack if you have a ton of the gravy, but I think it would be worth serious fibre consumption and treadmill time just to try it, don't you?


Karen said...


Whassat? I can't hear you! my mouf is full...

Kathleen Taylor said...

I put bacon and sausage in my dressing... heart attack city, but oh so good.

I want to say that I am so happy we connected again- Have a Wonderful Knitting Writing Procrastinating New Year, my friend.

Mary Keenan said...

I am so happy too! It will be a wonderful new year I'm sure - and for you especially with so many exciting things lining up!!