Thursday, June 18, 2009

Atomic flowers

I guess we finally got enough heat after a long string of cool rainy days, because the monster plants that looked so cute and tiny when I planted them have finally started to kick out some rockin' blossoms. They look like bells bursting out at right angles to the long stalks, and I like them, even though they are not at all what I expected.

You can practically hide behind them, they're so big and leafy. When I have to weed along the little path that trails along one side of one patch, I might as well be in a real English garden in a too-quiet village; passers-by can't see me, and I barely notice them, and I'm surrounded by the kind of insects that look interesting and aren't there simply to bite me.

According to the planting cards I found during the weekend's big garage clearout, the plants are bellflowers, they flower through June, they need full sun, and they grow 3' tall.

I think these top that by another 12 inches, maybe. I've recognized other bellflowers in other gardens since I learned what mine look like, and they look like half-starved relations by comparison - shorter, less bloomy, smaller flowers.

It has to be a difference in the strain - I haven't seen other white ones yet - or the soil - is the limestone that spread when I did the base for the flagstone good for bellflowers? - because there's no way it's me being a good gardener.

A good knitter, yes; a good writer, I hope so. A good gardener? I doubt it - if I'm a triple threat, my talent list would have to include baking. But you don't need to hear about yesterday's butterscotch brownies, I'm sure. Heh heh heh.

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