Friday, June 19, 2009

Life lessons from people who write about rodents

Didn't I write just the other day about Little Grey Rabbit?

Well, here we are with more proof that great talent is not given only to those with a gift for happiness and satisfaction with one's own life.

Diaries reveal dark side to Little Grey Rabbit's creator

This article reminded me so much of Blossom Dearie, whose music I love - yet she was bitter about never achieving financial success (and who wouldn't be, I'd like to know?) and was a Difficult Person later in life.

When I grow up I'd love to be half as talented as either of these ladies, but not at that price. Still, it's interesting - does disappointment seep in when the work isn't recognized as truly great in its time? or is success stunted by the emotional difficulties of the artist? And why wouldn't the beauty and simplicity of the work that flows out to others show benefit to the person from whom it came?

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