Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ice cream's influence on intelligence

Some of you may recall my experiments with ice cream (specifically, this kind) and the astonishing weight loss that results from eating nothing but that all day. In, you know, portion-controlled sizes (i.e. a fixed number of tubs.)

Well, yesterday I stumbled across another fascinating property of ice cream. I raided the freezer for the last Oreo ice cream sandwich and sat down with my copy of The Self-Made Tapestry and

- you're sitting down, right? -

I was able to comprehend every word about fluid flow and the patterns occurring in convective cells!

Then I tried the same experiment except while knitting instead of while eating ice cream, and I couldn't figure out anything in the section on pentagonal symmetry. Great pictures though.

Ice cream is awesome.
Knitting is also awesome especially if you can read while doing it though probably science type books are not the best choice.
My gums hurt from all these experiments - time to double up on veg intake.