Friday, June 12, 2009

My plan to keep Canada Post in business

I've been getting so many nice things in the mail lately, and not always because I've been treating myself to little presents. This time, though... well, yes. I did send away for this.

The outside wrapping was sadly torn in transit, but inside the package was this enticing little bundle with a lovely card on top:

and when I untied the pretty purple string and unfolded it, it was this enormous thrill of a bag:

I bought it at tinyhappy, an Etsy shop which is Closed For Moving until perhaps July. But you can still read the blog, which, as the name implies, is full of tinyhappy moments and a lovely way to begin the day.

And now that I have a nice soft bag to carry things in, I think I will plan some weekend excursions. Hope you have some nice ones too!

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Anonymous said...

I'm such a tinyhappy fan too - I'm jealous that you've actually ordered something from her. Looks great: I wish you much joy of it.