Thursday, June 25, 2009

The busier, the interestinger

What with all the deadline hopping yesterday I totally missed that I ran out of milk (ack, no tea!) and when I went to collect the laundry there was a trail of socks and Ts scattered behind me as I swanned up the stairs with the basket, it was so overfull.

Still, I think it is good that I remembered to eat at all, and actually did some laundry, in the midst of my lovely day knitting and hunting up stitch combinations. This outdoor room business - wow, is it ever effective when you throw a patio set into the mix! My chairs-with-cushion are even more comfy than the one in the living room, and you can't beat the breeze or the dappled shade. I definitely have to make some writing time out there this summer.

Today will be rainy and therefore feature less outside excitement. Plus I will have to fold all that laundry, which is still toppling everywhere. But I've been chipping away at bigger, more longstanding To Do items and by golly, I feel I'm coming to a clearing in the woods where I can regroup a little and make sure I'm headed for open fields. It's been months - literally, months - since I wrote any fiction. I need that back! Even more than I need chocolate, and that is saying something.

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