Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That's more like it

Last week I decided to accept that I am not a natural when it comes to anything related to science, and I went to the children's section of the local library to get a handle on basic concepts. I have to wonder though - how did I miss so much when I was a kid? I know I took science classes. I distinctly remember:

calling in sick on frog dissection day and getting 100% on the subsequent test using my then-boyfriend's notes

another girl in my physics class sniggering Every. Single. Time I asked a question in physics

having a science class for home room one year and being seated next to a really cute boy

Okay, so maybe there is a logical explanation. All that stuff plus I never took phys. ed. because I haaaaaate sports and a lot of basic anatomy type content was left for the Health component of physical education. (Fun fact: my school changed the loophole that allowed me to not take phys. ed. after I opted out - nobody had ever thought to refuse that class before.)

I'm being punished for my sins with The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body, and all I can say is Bring it on! It covers everything I care to know in sentences I can understand, with large colourful pictures and internet links to boot. And when I'm finished, who knows? Maybe I'll graduate to high-school level coverage of mitochondria.

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