Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Talk is cheap

Not too long ago I made light here of the whole hair-going-grey thing. And then I noticed that I did not get through the recent Time of Distress entirely unscathed. ACK! It's not a case of turning white overnight but, um, definitely a lot more grey.


Usually my procrastinations are productive. Now, and especially since I met three of the crazed deadlines (leaving just three more for the week, and it's only Tuesday, right?), I am procrastinating in front of the mirror, willing the wiry strands of gray to curl again and be other colours. I am trying to keep this very much in perspective since really, I have so many things to be enormously grateful for... but this is not how I envisioned getting older. You know, looking different than I have for the past 20-odd years. And maybe that's the trouble - usually change is so gradual you accept it as you go along. The sudden shift on the part of my lid, not so much.

All of which is to say that today is the first day of my summer holiday, and I will be spending some of it getting a new haircut, and hoping that it will somehow make the grey look cool, or at least a little bit like it's a natural transition from the old me.

And if it doesn't, I am definitely having ice cream.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

It's okay if you color- truly. Do whatever feels best to you.

I can say that those first wiry gray hairs do turn learn to behave eventually. They come in like scrubber pad strands, but end up like *real* hair.

I've been gray long enough that my granddaughter, when seeing a picture of me as a child, laughed out loud. The notion of me with dark hair was funny to her. And *wrong*- she likes the gray better.