Monday, June 8, 2009

Desk candy

A present for my friend Helena, who is pained by my weakness for oh-so-sensible Tupperware:

I have upgraded my desk storage bucket!

And to be fair, I do like this planter better. I bought it years ago, seriously discounted owing to a minor chip in the finish at the top on one side, from a very posh home decorating store in which I should not even have been browsing. Ever since, it's been a symbol of the casually elegant home in the formally elegant neighbourhood in which I dreamed of one day living. And though the dream is pretty much gone now owing to a recovery of my senses - do you realize how far you have to walk to the nearest chocolate when you live in a formally elegant neighbourhood? - I still like the reference to my younger self.

Bonus: it takes up less real estate and even fits into a niche on the bookshelf when I need to spread out my papers. Of course, this means less book space, but that was never not going to be a problem. And it will look like absolute Ew if I try stuffing papers or mail in it, should I ever stop wanting to have some knitting at hand at all times. Might just encourage me to stay tidy, don't you think?


Kathleen Taylor said...

Love it! It wouldn't encourage me to stay tidy, but nothing encourages me to stay tidy. I'll bet it does the trick for you though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This means a lot to me. Only the cost of posting a great hunk of glass to Canada stopped me attempting to foist an upgrade container on you. Now I see you had much nicer one all along. Well done. It's beautiful.