Friday, October 16, 2009

Awesome fall sale

Twice a year, one of my local churches does a big fundraiser for its various programs and charities by hosting an Awesome Sale...

and today is the Fall installment!!!

I love the Awesome Sale. It's a well-known treasure trove of vintage furniture, glassware, clothing, toys, sportsgear, drapes, jewelry, and more - for the first couple of hours you can't find a parking space for several blocks around the church. I gave directions once to a lady who'd come by bus just to check it out.

It's hard not to get enthusiastic about a sale like that, even as you ask yourself how on earth one small neighourhood can cough up so much fabulousness. Eventually the donors are going to run out of old stuff to clear out, aren't they?

Hopefully not yet. Even showing up a few hours late I've had some great finds over the years, including a mint condition 1950s juice jug with still-bright red and green fruits on the side, and an unstained, hole-free vintage tablecloth and napkin set. I'm definitely not ready to lose this exciting semi-annual source of comfort shopping.

Three guesses what I'll be looking for this time around:

(wool sweaters
wool blankets
and big bags of buttons)

Stay tuned for the skinny on how I did!

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