Monday, October 5, 2009

Ratta tat tap

Whenever I'm really stuck on what to do next, I deflect to YouTube to watch tap dancers at work. How can you not be inspired by this?

I don't think I ever saw an Eleanor Powell movie before I came across that clip on Soulemama (during another elaborate procrastinatory effort) and definitely hadn't seen her dance, which seems like a loss. So I did more hunting for her and found this one, which is one of the best tap dances I've ever seen.

When she's paired with Fred Astaire, though... it's hard to keep your eyes on her. Is it because of his trousers that his movements seem so much more fluid, or does it come down to all those insanely long hours of practicing he did?

Criminy - hard work does pay off, doesn't it. Maybe I'd better go do some.

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