Friday, October 9, 2009

Fabric in, books... tumbling

My Betz White books about making new stuff with old materials (from castoff shirts and sweaters and jeans and so on) arrived this week and they are enthralling. I think there was only one pattern I felt I absolutely must make, preferably 6-8 times, but I got ideas for several more as I studied the pages.

When I was ready to set them aside, though...

I discovered there is no place left to set them. My already-right bookshelf space is stretched to the max, and I still have at least two more essential reference (oh, all right, KNITTING) books to acquire and jam in there.

I've decided to not think about this problem for a few days: I'm going to go shopping for castoff shirts and sweaters instead. Hey, you never know! Maybe I can dream up a way to build a bookshelf out of them.

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