Friday, October 23, 2009

We got beets!

I just love that line from The Simpsons, with which Lisa greets her father on her return from the grocery store - so happy and optimistic - and I think of it every time I get beets.

Soooo... it's fall, aka harvest season, aka the best time of the year at my local fruit and veg. store, and I have so dropped the ball on cooking meals that I totally forgot to go in there until yesterday,

when I noticed I'm coming down with another cold and needed some lemons for hot honey and lemon. Pause for sympathetic murmurings.

Then I nearly left without the lemons, having filled up my bag with pears and apples and other goodies.

Do Brussels sprouts count as goodies? I think I've only cooked them once before, but I figured if I was to try them again, In Season and Local is a good time to do it. I found a nice recipe for Brussels sprouts and carrots, and improvised slightly with balsamic vinegar instead of cider vinegar, not having any of the latter in the house:

... and - well, not so nice really. But edible!

The beets, on the other hand, wrapped in aluminum foil and stuck into a hot oven for a couple of hours, were the beets. A bit smells-like-soil, a lot sweet and yummy.


Binnie Brennan said...

Mmm, beets...

Sally Anne said...

Actually brussel sprouts are in the top three favourite veg of mine....uum delicious !
Hope your cold has gone away now.