Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crunching onward

It's been that kind of week, in spite of finding out I can in fact share some recent excitingness, and Wednesday's just started. Urg.

Last night I cheered myself up with some corner store chocolate, in this case, a Crunchie bar. And you know what? Every time I have one, I can still taste those giant squares of sponge toffee you could buy from the candy counter at the Grimsby Arena when I was in grade school. I'd come off the ice with my red nose and my freezing toes and my skates slung over my shoulder, facing another ten minutes before Mum or Dad came to pick me up. I probably forked over 15 cents for one of those things, if that.

I always forget this between indulgences, but sponge toffee really, really sticks in your teeth. I wonder if eating so much of it has anything to do with all the cavities I got back then?

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