Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pantry soup

I decided to make an effort about supper last night before realizing I hadn't organized ingredients sufficiently compatible for anything but Pantry Soup, version three. And so, being too lazy to go out and shop, that's what I made.

Here is the recipe:

chopped onions, sauteed in butter
chicken stock
a can of crushed tomatoes
a can of mixed beans (kidney beans, chickpeas, etc.)
worcestershire sauce
a little sea salt

And here's the side:

thawed slices of rosemary focaccia bread
sprinkled with roasted garlic powder
and warmed in the oven till they're toasty

And here's the review:

The Soup - Ew.

But so sensible you feel you have to have seconds so you can eat chocolate chip cookies afterward without guilt.

The Garlic Bread - Very nice. Even if you dip it in the icky soup.

Remind me sometime to share the recipe for Pantry Soup - version one, which is actually pretty delicious.

Reminders to forget how to make versions two and three are also welcome, sigh.

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