Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Taking This as a Sign

To recap: I stopped knitting about 10 years ago because every sweater I made turned out not to fit. And I didn't take it up again because I have carpal tunnel, almost never have time to sit down and when I do I want to be writing, and I can't justify the hours and cost of materials if all I actually need is a functional garment.

But I am a procrastinator: those objections are all enticements.

So I made a spontaneous decision six days ago to dip my toe in the water again by paying full price for the correct yarn for a straightforward pattern. Then I knit a test swatch three times. Then I started knitting and the old compulsion came rushing back, to the exclusion of all else, including two perfectly appealing new short story ideas.

Last night, 19" into the back and wondering how long this thing is supposed to end up, I discovered through elaborate mathematics that the entire finished piece should measure 19". Which means there is a horrible typo somewhere in Sirdar's pattern and I have thrown away two days I could have spent writing. Now, I've thrown away years on fiction that ended up not working, but I don't mind - writing is a creative and learning process. When you're knitting other people's patterns... that's their creative and learning process.

I'm deeply annoyed, but I'm also a realist. I'll phone the store today (no refunds, exchange or credit note only, and not on $15 pattern books) and work something out. And I'll take it as a sign that I'm a writer, and I should be getting my carpal tunnel from typing.


Karen said...

Grr. I do hate when patterns lie. However, I'm putting my money on the LYS staff to help you out. If they don't, tell them they can expect a visit from me. :D

Mary Keenan said...

Well, several phone calls later, it appears that my many years of knitting experience are not enough to keep me from misreading a pattern after a long break from same. So I am still deeply unhappy, but can no longer blame Sirdar for my troubles.