Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back on the balance beam

I do my best to balance my life but man, it's hard! It's like I'm built to be completely absorbed by something and do nothing else for months, and then move onto something else that invariably builds on a tiny component of the thing I just finished with.

Sadly, indulging such preferences does not lend itself to cooking, cleaning, socializing in any way, or partaking of much exercise, and then I get run down and subject to colds and flu and let's face it, that's not fun either. So I decided it's time to throw myself back into Healthy Living Mode.

Yesterday, I:

cleaned out about a year's worth of debris from the kitchen and pantry so there would be sufficient space for my triumphant return to bread baking

went to the gym for 35 minutes of perky music and Dr. Phil, who was Not Lecturing some poor 18 year old girl with an abusive boyfriend she thought was just soooo dreeeeamy she was bound and determined to marry him stat, even though she had just miscarried their baby (which reminded me why I don't watch much TV and also, how nice it is not to be 18 any more and also, how tragic it is that so many otherwise sensible women, 18 or not, are totally taken in by emotionally abusive men, GRRRRR) and

hit the grocery store to buy such chocolate and chip replacements as pitted dates and oven roasted beet slices.

And then I took acetaminophen for the knee I put out on the elliptical trainer. Now that's balance.

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Karen said...

Oh, my...you see, we are alike in so many ways! :D