Thursday, August 13, 2009

trains... traaaaains...

(What railway zombies say.)

I went to an electric railway museum the other day.

As you can see from this picture, I got to ride in a rather fancy one that pulled up alongside another less fancy one now doing service as an ice cream shop... something I feel a good deal more vehicles could be doing in their spare time. I mean, really. Think about it!

The 'closed' sign in the window of said ice cream shop wasn't such a terrible heartbreak, as it was about 10am and I gave up on ice cream for breakfast about 15 years ago - I got sick of it ruining me for anything else for the whole rest of the day. But even if it had said "OPEN! Come in and get the best ice cream of your life!" I wouldn't have gotten off the train I was on, because a huge storm was brewing and at the moment I took this picture, the sky was as dark as it gets a few minutes after the sun sets.

The rain hit as we were halfway back to the station, and huge flashes of lightning blazed as we pulled in. We dashed back into the gift shop about 2 minutes before more lightning took the brightness level to high noon and struck the museum's transformer.

No power, no trains.

And no credit card purchases! Good thing the very cute postcards were just a dollar for 30.

And there you have it: a short story about a train museum that tells you absolutely nothing about trains and an awful lot about me.

(but if you do want to know about the trains, I can tell you about them another day. My favourite parts were how a bunch of teenagers came to start the museum and why the land it's on was available when they needed a place to park their railway stuff.)


Kathleen Taylor said...

30 postcards for $1??? That's amazing!!!!

Mary Keenan said...

I know - and they were awesome postcards, too! They must have got a bulk deal or something and were trying to move them, but they will be fabulous on presents and maybe even as party invitations or thank-you notes. Just quirky enough to be cool.

I should have got 60, shouldn't I.