Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Playing dressup

I've been wanting a little pinafore dress for a while - the kind you can wear on its own or over a T shirt and short pants as a kind of big apron - and I was actually considering sewing one which would have been


since I do have quite a bit of writing I do want to get around to in the next six or so weeks.

Then the other day, having recovered from a the worst imaginable 24-hour headache, I went out for supplies

to a grocery store that recently introduced a line of clothes

and spotted just the pinafore dress I had been thinking of right on the end of an aisle

(in my size!!!!)

and bought it.

It is made of black cotton jersey and reminds me of the mangled up lump of little black dress Kinsey Millhone used to keep in her car in the early entries of Sue Grafton's alphabet series (does she still have that? I stopped reading around M... really must catch up.) Like Kinsey's dress, this one will do about anything - even bathing-suit cover-up-age, which will come in handy as I expect to be swimming a little in the coming weeks.

And it looks downright pretty with this little embroidered pin from tinyhappy.

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