Monday, August 17, 2009

A grand day out

I went for a classic Sunday Drive yesterday and stumbled across some beautiful parks in Burlington, Ontario. The roads running along the lake from Oakville down into Hamilton are lined with expensive and beautifully landscaped homes under leafy canopies, and they also link a number of fabulous green spaces along the Waterfront Trail.

My personal favourite was the Paletta Lakefront Park, which includes the Paletta mansion (circa 1930) and its grounds. I don't see how you could ever know there was a Depression on, living here:

Here's the view from that terrace:

Don't be deceived by the gorgeousness of the grass. It's been well loved by a contented flock of Canada Geese and you sure don't want to go traipsing across it.

The manicured lawns give way to a wooded area with a path, by way of this bridge:

I took that photograph from the wooded side, where the shade was most lovely, but the view from bridge itself was stunning:

And, on the other side:

The trail follows the course of this creek. Along the way I spotted a duck:

And I followed it for a while.

And then I went home to look at real estate listings again.

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ooooohhhhhhh... pretty....