Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not baking

Okay, so the baking fell through yesterday. Dagnabbit! I was forced to clean out my closet instead, which was...well, odd. Every time I looked into the gaping chasms left behind I had questions. Questions like:

It's tiny, so how did I manage to fit 4 donation-ready garbage bags' worth of stuff I don't need in there?

Now that I have space free, do I really want a wrapping paper/craft center beside my socks?

If I do, can I really live on 2 (admittedly big) drawers' worth of non-sock clothes for all 12 months of the year?

And honestly - this is me we're talking about - is two trays of shoes anywhere near enough? Even though for the past 18 months I have only worn
a/ pink Mephisto sandals (summer)
b/ black mary janes (transition)
c/ black Blundstone boots (winter)
d/ New Balance running shoes (exercise)

Maybe it is enough and I should go farther and ditch the shoes I can't wear even though they are beautiful and cost a bomb, and slide in some yarn or office supplies instead. ????

and the ever-popular

Is this a good time to break for tea and biscuits?

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