Monday, July 7, 2008

Mistakes Have Been Made

In today's class, we'll be learning about dry ingredients and the importance of keeping them separate from non-dry ingredients until the moment of near-baking-readiness.

Take a look at this quinoa, class. Technically it is a dry ingredient; you buy it that way in the store. However, when converted into a rinsed and boiled fluffy cooked grain, it is transformed into a dry-looking thing that has a lake's worth of water lurking inside it. As you will discover if you add it to the dry ingredients when preparing a muffin mixture the night before you desire fresh-baked muffins.

See the difference? Here is the way the quinoa should look when added to the dry ingredients: a bumpy white sandlike substance. Here is the way quinoa looks when you leave it in the flour overnight: a giant, golden brown lump. Start again, class; start again.

Quinoa muffins are an acquired taste but not in the terrifying SPIT IT OUT!!! way associated with blue cheese, and they're also full of protein, so I posted the link in Delay Tactics. Don't miss the next class, when we learn to make quinoa muffin slices by mixing the quinoa into the dry ingredients and leaving it overnight.


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