Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monkey Wrench

Lions, cheetahs, baby giraffes, rhinos, and what do people on a safari tour bus go berserk for? Monkeys. They steal the show, along with weather stripping and the plastic covers off the lights of any vehicle that takes their fancy.

Depressing as it is to think that wanton destruction is such an entertainment for my fellow humans, the experience was gold for my research into sock monkey cuteness. Sock monkeys have all the cute, without any of the scary.

And speaking of unexpectedly scary-cute things, may I say the words Butterfly Conservatory? Go figure--butterflies in volume are different from the two or three that might flutter past in a walk through the meadow. And you have to pay attention where you're putting your feet, too. Stepping on an ant is one thing, but you sure don't want to step on one honking huge butterfly as it mates with another.

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