Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things to Know about Peer Pressure

Yesterday, almost first thing, the friend who 'encouraged' me to read in public read to me what she was going to read in public. It started off very nicely--a compact little story, well written--and then somebody had a moment and I thought, oh, what a nice, moving piece. And then she kept going. And the nice piece became something outlandish and hilarious.

And as I was laughing I thought, wait a minute.

I signed up right after her? I have to follow this?

As it turned out, I was the second person to follow that and I had to feel for the first one as well as myself. And I learned a good thing about 50+ people reading for less than 3 minutes each: once the next speaker has uttered three words, everybody's forgotten the reading that came before.

At least until later. I'm still laughing about Grampie's nose.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

So glad you survived the first reading. It gets easier, I promise.