Sunday, July 13, 2008

Writing Camp, Day Two

Day One was really good and so enthralling that I must say, HA Kathi and Karen, do your worst: I didn't think of socks for one moment (even when I got really cold and started kicking myself for not bringing a sweater.)

You know the drill at these things, I'm sure - fun people, great speakers, pleasant surroundings, a couple of deeply embarrassing foot-in-mouth moments, a pretty darned yummy sandwich at lunch. And as a bonus, a Eureka! moment when one panelist shared something from her experience that put a great big light bulb over a scene near the end of the book that will make it a ton better.

PLUS: I saw a girl carrying a Bazura bag. More on this breaking news as I get it.

p.s. I wonder how badly I'd screw up socks, and whether any patterns allow you to use regular needles?


Karen said...

You mean socks on two regular needles? Sure, I have some patterns for that. Not that I'm trying to tempt you or anything.
Camp sounds like a ton of fun, though....especially the yummy sandwich part. I want a yummy sandwich now.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!

By *regular needles* do you mean straight needles, with socks knitted flat and then seamed? If so, it just so happens that there will be easily a half dozen of suchlike patterns in my upcoming book. They're a lot of fun to knit.

There have to be patterns available on the web for that style of knitting too (if that's actually what you were talking about, and I'm not off on some weird tangent).

Mary Keenan said...

I did mean on two straight, as opposed to four double-pointed needles - unlike Karen, who I know adores a super lightweight kind, I adore my vintage plastic needles. But do you get a seam along the bottom of your foot then? Probably not, if Kathi is writing the pattern.

I thought about socks in book camp today. It was SO COLD in the clubhouse! Tomorrow I'm taking mittens.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Only one of the 2-needle sock patterns has a seam on the bottom of the foot. The rest are engineered to have the seam along the inside of the foot. But truly, the seam is barely noticible in either location (you can *see* it more than *feel* it).

And most of the 2-needle patterns use heavier yarn and size 5 (3.75mm) needles. Quick to knit and super warm and comfy.

Sorry about the cold clubhouse-fingerless mittens come in handy in the summer too.