Friday, July 4, 2008

Prime Time

It may not be the 4th of July (have a good one, Stateside friends!) in my heart, but this is still a day highly anticipated every year in this house. Preparations are made, schedules cleared. There's even some cleaning. Sadly there is a near-total lack of food, friends, or fun.

Yep, it's time again to paint the porch. I love the porch, but at this time of the year - and when the first chips begin to flake off the steps in the fall - I so wish I had never thought of it. Or that I had thought of it little sooner in year so the building permit came in before September, and the first paint before October, which is not a smart time to paint unless you want to go on painting every year. Or maybe that I had waited a year, because opaque stain came out six months later, and stain seems so much easier.

The grossest part is the prep, and the prep is done, so that's something. And something else is: I'm at an impasse with the book, and painting often gets more ideas percolating. And with this metal jabby thing on the inside of my tooth, it's not like I'd be eating.

Have a more-fun day than this, everybody! a more-fun weekend, too.

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Karen said...

Poor bunny...will email from work, should I ever get there -- bad allergies last night, leading to antihistamines, leading to groggy morning head. Bleah. So I am with you in spirit, even if I can't help paint the porch.