Friday, November 7, 2008

Betcha can't do this

I'm a New Yorker addict, the kind with a subscription. For a long time I'd get through the whole thing the day it arrived, and I got other subscriptions to fill the void. And then... well, my surplus of time dried up (because I was writing a novel, maybe?) and it was taking a couple of weeks to get through every week's delivery.

So you can see how I might not have noticed, in the midst of all that paper, that I accidentally let my New Yorker subscription lapse last month. It wasn't until I opened a letter that began with Dear former subscriber that I knew my world as I knew it had ended.

Yesterday the first issue from my new subscription arrived. Last night, I found myself briefly with free eyes and an only partially occupied brain and, naturally, sat down to read. I must have been almost a whole page in before it hit me: I was also knitting.

Remember when I wrote a couple of weeks ago that Elizabeth Zimmerman used to read and knit at the same time? Was your reaction the same as mine? - Wow! and then, How??? Well, I can tell you how: knit stocking stitch, and make sure what you're reading is closer to your line of sight than what's on your needles.


Karen said...

Yes! This is why Patti gave me a cool little metal book stand from Lee Valley Tools -- the goal being to knit while I read. I'm currently doing socks for Adrian, and it's working v. well.

Kathleen Taylor said...


I can listen and knit. I can talk and knit. I can ride in a car and knit. And I can watch TV and knit. (as long as it's an easy pattern).

But I've neveer tried to read and knit. I'm mighty impressed!