Saturday, November 15, 2008

I miss my hair

For two years now, I've been on a sad journey without my beloved 20-year hairstylist Giuseppe, who moved away. I got a referral from friends with great hair, but their stylist wasn't able to work any magic on me, and I tried a random stylist who did a passable job but spent the entire hour telling me I looked old and should a/cut my hair short b/start colouring and c/straighten my unfashionable curls. Fear kept me from booking another cut for months and it wasn't pretty.

Then my sister found somebody wonderful who does a beautiful job on curly hair. I went once and he reshaped my seriously messed-up lid. I went again and we tried a new look with less length. Last night I went again and came home with a flapper bob.

It's a very good haircut and everything but you know, I miss long hair. You can tie it back from your face, and your neck doesn't get cold, and you don't have to go every 6-8 weeks to get it trimmed. Somebody who looked at me in horror this morning pointed out that I will never, ever be able to make it long again but I beg to differ. I figure on about a year, maybe a year and a half, most of which I will no doubt spend comforting myself with chocolate and hair clips*.

*ohhh! I can felt a flower with leaves to sew to a hair clip!!


Kathleen Taylor said...

Haircut Regret is a PITB. For awhile, I had my hair short (and by short, I mean about 2" long, all over)- it took well over a year of really horrible hair before it grew out to a good style. I am happy with the chin-length bob now, and have no desire to grow it out (the weight of the ponytail is a major reason to keep it short for me).

But now you know for sure that you want longer hair, and it's just a matter of time until you get it back. That's the good thing about hair-it's generally a renewable resource.

And I hear ya about pressure to color your hair- I started going gray in my 20's, and I still get flack about not doing it (though I love my gray hair).

btw- I'd like a pic of the new do.

Mary Keenan said...

Scroll on down, Kathi! I updated my profile picture as penance for my foolishness ;^)

Mary Keenan said...

Actually it's pretty much exactly like yours, except that yours looks awesome and mine just hangs in my eyes All. The. Time.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Your hair looks great! I love it- the curls add body and shape to the usual bob.

But, luckily, it should grow out well for you. In the meantime, a lovely little tam would top it off perfectly.