Monday, November 17, 2008

Flying toasters

It's breakfast and there's nothing I feel like eating and I Must. Stop. buying chocolate croissants. So I'm pulling a Judy Bolton*and whipping together some oatmeal scones to have with jam.

This activity is also known as procrastinating on today's blog entry.

In other news, it's down to the wire here at LaunchWatch '08 - just three more breakfasts to figure out before certain anthology contributors have to go out in public and sign copies of Going Out With A Bang, and the spectators are all wondering the same thing: will that girl's hair get back into the curling business in time? Things are not looking good, but you can never tell what twists and turns of fate may befall our heroine. Let's just hope that whatever happens, nobody brings a camera to the bookstore.

And now I will wish you good day and leave you with the cheery flight of some of my favourite toasters in the world.

* good news of the day: some of the Judy books have been reprinted! If I hadn't bought a bunch on eBay years ago, I'd have something else for my Santa list!

1 comment:

Kathleen Taylor said...

Wahoo on the signing!

And oatmeal scones, eh? They sound intrigueing.... (and full of carbs. but that's a worry for another time)