Saturday, November 8, 2008

You're scaring me (or am I scaring me?)

Last night I saw something so creepy on TV that I couldn't shift my mind from it when I was trying to fall asleep. Or after I woke up any of the million times after that to cough. Or now.

I don't watch TV much or often. I haven't watched Doctor Who in probably 20 years. And yet I recognized it immediately, with its low production value and high audience engagement.

So get this. Doctor Who's crowd have heard a friend scream, and run to find her, only to discover her el-cheapo plaster-white skeleton* still in its space suit, her voice modulator thingy still cranking out her last thoughts. The idea is still freaking me out - that in the moments after you die, the imprint of your last thoughts might linger in the air like smoke until it is buffeted away in the current, broken up and divided and recycled into so much white noise.

No more Doctor Who for me! Today, anyway. I gotta fill up my brain with something else... anything else. I see the perfect wool yarn for felting is on sale at a store I'll be near today, and apparently the white and off-white balls lend themselves beautifully to Kool-Aid dye. Maybe this is a good weekend for a science experiment?

* She met a flesh-eating swarm of shadow and lost.


Binnie Brennan said...

I vote for grape koolaid.

Binnie Brennan said...

I vote for grape.

Kathleen Taylor said...

oooooh- kool-aid dyeing.... such fun.... (and super easy- you don't have to add vinegar because the kool-aid is acidic on its own, and you can use your regular microwave because kool-aid is a food item)(though if you're going to do a lot of dyeing, dedicated tools are a good idea, even with kool-aid).

Mary Keenan said...

oh come ON you two!!! Kathi should definitely know better, having done it a zillion times herself - the space you'd need for drying the yarn alone is more than my little house could bear. Anyway you're not supposed to egg me on to a new distraction!!

That said, I am seriously craving grape koolaid now.