Saturday, November 29, 2008

Come and meet some friends

I always thought it must be cool to make chicken stock or even roast a chicken, so last fall I pestered a lot of people with questions and went for it.

I used this recipe for the stock, and now I am HOOKED. No store-bought stock tastes nearly as nice, no matter what you do with the soup you make from it, and you can either keep it in the 'frig for a week as a base for different soups when trying to detox from daily chocolate. Or you can make one huge batch and freeze it in smaller servings. This is a lifesaver when you're suddenly struck down by a cold. I of course am both detoxing and cold-stricken - still! - so the stock will stay in the 'frig.

The amount of stock you get after skimming off all the fat is exactly right to fit into size two of this container, which also does a good job of keeping it fresh. When I bought that container I also bought this one, which I had to clear off the drainer this morning to make space for skimming stock. I use it to keep veg in, but you can store yarn in it and feed the strands you're working through one of the two freshness tabs... something that suddenly seems extremely logical. Even irresistable. And now if you'll excuse me...

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