Friday, November 21, 2008

the next generation of procrastination finesse

I spent a charming evening last night at Sleuth of Baker Street; the signing may be over, but the opportunity to buy your copy of Going Out With a Bang is not! You can do that in many bookstores but the Sleuth has some with seven lucky signatures in front, so call 416-483-3111 or e-mail them at to get some into the mail. It's the perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your list who would enjoy discovering 21 different ways to go out with a bang.

And now that the launch is done and I have two stories to not fine-tune in 7 days, I've begun thinking about moving the furniture in the living room. Hey, the sofa blocks the radiator and it's too cold in there, it's not like I'm evil! Okay, okay, I know. It's like a disease.

And speaking of disease, the knitting addiction is spreading: Binnie's been sending me photos of extremely beautiful freshly-made hats in place of the amazing short stories I'm used to getting from her. Watch yourself or you too will be picking up needles instead of shortbread (perhaps a good thing) or, you know, a book (perhaps not.)

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