Thursday, November 20, 2008

The price of procrastination

Two hours of hauling bags of garden stone and bags of frozen soil into a crowded car hole, plus haulage of outdoor furniture into same, plus frantic rearrangement of same, with intervals of either raking leaves or shoveling the snow that is falling for the duration. Packing snow, to be exact. And hiding planters in the foliage of corner flowerbeds (tip: this is best done at night when you can't see just how depressingly obvious it looks.)

To be topped off by washing a muddy winter coat and pair of mitts AND drying them so they can be worn out in 4cm of snow the very next morning.

In positive news, while rearranging the car hole to accommodate bags of snowy leaves, I found the outdoor Christmas decorations and, since I was already cold, wet, and dirty anyway, I decided to put them up. And say what I will about the pink marshmallow coat (and I do, frequently) it washes and dries like a dream. A very fast dream.

Bonus with purchase: now that I don't have to worry about finishing the fall cleanup, I have more space in my brain for those two stories due next Friday. Now if I could just sit down and write them...

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