Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello Jack Frost

It's that enchanting time of the year, when puffs of smoke push out of my neighbour's chimney and beads of water appear on the inside of my windows and the porch floor crunches under my feet.

You know, the time of year when I wish my house had insulation.

Or that I had cuter sweaters. I did some more felting yesterday - bright red flowers and a strip of green to cut into leaves to go with them - and can't stop thinking about felting something vestlike too, flowers not being known for their warmth. It would mean either designing it myself and hoping it doesn't shrink too much in the wash, or felting huge swatches of fabric to cut and sew after the fact, which would be easier for sizing but not look as nice in the seams. I am also thinking about felting a neck gaiter to take the place of my missing hair because I was freezing yesterday and it's be even colder today.

All of which is to say that I'm meant to be working today, and I still have those two stories to write, and the house is still swimming in unread magazines. How's by you?

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