Monday, March 23, 2009

Again with the cold snaps!

I'm old enough to know that March throws curve balls, but after the balmy days we had last week I wasn't ready for extreme cold again today. And neither was the super warm hat I stopped working on because the warmer temperatures made it a lot less urgent than the other stuff I was doing.

On the bright side, I'd be able to find the hat if I didn't already know where it was, because the house is all organized again. It's so interesting to me, the way mess breeds mess and cleanup breeds more cleanup because humans tend to follow the flow of whatever is happening. I wish I could remember who wrote the article I read in The New Yorker a while back about that... or who it was about... but I do remember that somebody decided to crack down on graffiti with enough consistency that eventually there was less need to paint over graffiti, something that is not really a problem in my house unless you substitute clutter for graffiti.

So. Now that I can find stuff in the house, and I have only one more obstacle project between me and my novel, I'm in good shape to get moving again properly with my one hour a day initiative, which I'm tweaking a little to plant chocolate at the 61 minute mark. I always do well with a carrot, actual or figurative.


Rebecca said...

Ah yes. The broken window theory. It was Giuliani who cracked down on petty crime like vandalism in NYC. That theory definitely applies around my home. And now that I'm taking up blogging in earnest again, I'm not sure when the laundry is going to get folded, let alone washed. Hmmm...I guess I won't have the folding problem if I just stop washing it altogether.

Mary Keenan said...

Why fold? Just set out boxes for every member of the family and toss their clothes into their box... when they want clean ones, they can rummage ;^)