Sunday, March 29, 2009


A friend tells me that it's important to have balance. You know, work and play, healthy body and healthy mind, good food and, presumably, goooooood fooooood (by which I mean my mother's chocolate chip meringues). I love this concept and do try to live by it. However, here is what I must balance today:

sitting with a sick friend
cleaning the kitchen
editing an executive summary
writing up a knitting pattern
preparing a meal or two
working out the details on a new non-hat pattern that came to me as I woke up AND

and this is the one that everything but the executive summary and the sick friend will go to the wall for

write as much as possible of the short story that came to me like a gift right after the non-hat pattern.

Those last two things? That's the kind of balance I can really appreciate.

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