Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Naptime of dooooooom

This morning I did something innovative: I turned on the computer to check the weather, turned it off again, and went back to bed for a nap. I used to love naps but I hardly ever have time for them now, and when I do have time plus inclination, I drink a cup of tea instead. If I nap I don't sleep at night and I've become sensible about that sort of thing.

In spite of all that it was a great nap! until, waking up, I remembered a snippet of something negative I read recently about the daytime snooze experience. I've now tracked down this news item, in which naps are linked to a greater chance of diabetes.

Worse, I only had time for the nap because I'm still too sick with my cold to go to the gym, and lack of exercise is linked to the napping that is linked to the diabetes. I need something to cheer up with. Think chocolate is a bad idea?

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JMS said...

Chocolate is never, ever a bad idea!

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings