Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fool me twice...

Yesterday's mail included the result of another eBay encounter, and the moment I picked up the box I thought Oh.

Oh. No.

Did I not look for 'from a smoke-free home'

I opened the box hoping it wasn't, but knowing full well it was, the lot of mother-of-pearl buckles I was planning to use immediately. Really, really gorgeous mother-of-pearl buckles. And as we all learned on the weekend, cigarette smoke is much harder to clean from mother-of-pearl than from everyday plastic.

This never happened to me when I was buying vintage tablecloths. Sigh.


TexNan said...

Try embedding them in cornstarch. Charcoal works too, though probably not so well on mother of pearl! When we bought our lake house, there was a moldy smell in our bedroom and I know I used charcoal briquettes and cornstarch and vinegar (not at the same time). But for your buckles I'd do the cornstarch; it's much the safest. (So sorry about the smoke thing. I once bought a beautiful marble lamp that was yellowed with cigarette smoke. Took me a long time to clean--and I think I used scouring powder--but I still have, and love, the lamp.)

Mary Keenan said...

ohhhh, thank you so much Kate!!! I'll try that asap.