Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still fishing...

I am pretty sure I would have been done working by now if I hadn't spent so much time slaving over a bubbling vinegar vat of buttons this weekend - very, very cute buttons that are totally worth the effort required to erase the memory of 60+ years of cigarette smoke - but

I am not. So I will put my new cow on my shoulder and get to it. Why the cow? Because he's warm and serves as a reminder to stay off eBay and Etsy and other distractionary sites when I am supposed to be working and

He is even cuter than the buttons:

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JMS said...

Oh, he IS cute! Maybe I should use one of my daughter's stuffed animals for just this purpose? Oopsie the Otter, maybe? (He's a stuffed otter/puppet thingy.) Although I'm not sure he'd really sit well on my shoulder. I'm sure there is some other floppy, cute and soft thing I could use...

Can't use my kids - they wiggle too much.

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings