Friday, March 20, 2009

The shopping is upon me

I don't know how the economy can be in trouble as long as I live in it, I really don't. Every time I try to stop buying things for a few weeks, I buy even more as soon as those weeks have passed. It's sort of like yo-yo dieting for the bank account.

Of course right now the obsession is yarn, and organizational aids for said yarn - though mercifully I'm still in the browsing stages for that. My supplies are not yet so vast as the mystery novels of my mystery-fan friends, one of whom was known to store what didn't fit on her shelves or floors in her oven (she never cooked in it anyway.) They buy far more than they can read in a year, knowing that if they don't get everything that comes out in the new series they love, they won't be able to find them when they're finally able to sit down and enjoy them. Yes, publishers are that fickle with the welcoming and then dropping of writers.

I'm getting the point of this shopping philosophy with the specialty yarns Karen put me onto. There are only going to be so many in any given colour or blend or weight: if you miss the boat, you've missed it. And I'm not so much of a swimmer!

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Kathleen Taylor said...

Yes, buy it now. It'll tell you what it wants to be later. You won't be sorry (I promise).