Friday, March 27, 2009

The cloud blocking the silver lining

So... I posted a pattern for a chemo cap the other day, and it's been popular. Which is silver. I worked very hard on the design to make it suitable for women with hair as well as without, with a lot of coverage and a sense of its own style, and I've had a lot of e-mail from women who are excited to make it for those reasons. More silver.

The cloud? All the extra traffic for downloading the pattern meant my website exceeded its bandwidth and crashed. And to make matters worse, my web hosting service is not speaking to me. Its notification that I was into the danger zone went not to my account e-mail address but to one I haven't had in about ten years. Its phone number is not toll-free and has no person on the other end of it, no matter how long you sit on hold, and its LiveChat crashes the minute you open it no matter how many cookies you accept or what browser you use. You can upgrade online but that won't put your website back into play. And that promise to reply to e-mail within 24 hours? Worthless, apparently.

Makes me very, very glad my blogs are hosted here and not on my website! ooooh, and that's a little more silver to light my way to a new hosting service. No writing today and no knitting; I'm afraid it's all about the battle for good technology.


Rebecca said...

Yikes. That's so frustrating for you and scary for me. My grasp on the technological aspects of the internet is so light, I'm always afraid I'm just one mis-click away from oblivion.

Mary Keenan said...

Well, it's all good news now! I have a great new web host and a new domain name ( that works already, even as we're trying to wrench out of the grasp of the other host. Which, it occurred to me today, has probably gone bust and not told anybody...