Thursday, March 5, 2009

The trouble with buckles

I've had a thing lately for buttons and buckles and stuff, and unfortunately there's this website? called eBay? where you can buy stuff like that?

In good news, I now have about 3.5 pounds of buttons and 25 mother of pearl buckles and in theory, this is enough to finish off a few year's worth of craft projects, which means I can get back to knitting or - no, really, writing - and stop hunting for buckles. But they're soooo cute, and I've thought of soooo many things to sew them onto, and I'm kinda hooked now, so it will be hard to resist. At least until some turn up in the mailbox and I have to find space for them. Then the honeymoon will be over in a hurry.

Great trip to the museum yesterday, by the way! Not so many of the snacks of great deliciousness as it turned out, but on the way home I happened past my favourite French bakery and picked up a little bag of the amazing Florentine cookies they make. It wasn't cake, but I hope Dufflets will forgive me ;^)

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