Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dog Day

My neighbour just adopted a new puppy and I am ab-so-fab-lute-ly smitten, which is odd because I am a cat person. Or maybe not odd, because she is a Bichon Poodle puppy, which is to say, smaller than a loaf of bread and a lot more cuddly. When she's all grown up she'll still be smaller than my late cat, and probably a lot more cuddly than her, too.

My cat was a little bitey, truth be told. (okay, a lot bitey, but I loved her anyway, even at 3am when she invariably decided I was a mouse.)

So there you are. I am a cat person, and also a too busy for a pet person, but as a highly skilled procrastinator with just five days to write about 8,000 very good words, I am not above being an interested in Bichon Poodles person who enjoys researching what charming and delightful companions they are.

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