Thursday, June 5, 2008

Food Glorious (high speed) Food

For quite a while now I've wanted to save time by writing down my weekly schedule and making a list to go with it of every meal I know how to make. This should tell you something about the vastness (or lack thereof) of the meals I know how to make. I'm especially keen to remind myself of meals that can be prepared in advance, eaten cold, and eaten very, very quickly.

Something along the lines of, say, a ham sandwich, but different because you can't have a ham sandwich every single day unless you're that guy who ate only Subway sandwiches a few years back to lose weight. I don't care how well he did weight-wise. That just never seemed healthy to me.

Anyway I need to write about 4,000 meaningful words by, say, Tuesday, and I'm booked all weekend, so this might be the week I do it!

Does steamed asparagus count as a meal? I can steam asparagus like nobody's business. Comments welcome, friends, and if you make none, I will assume the asparagus thing is good.


Karen said...

When in doubt, there's always the chicken from the Chicken Merry-Go-Round at Loblaws. Big fave in our household, along with Greek on Wheels.

Mary Keenan said...

Dang, forgot about those just now, picking up a chicken to roast for supper! But now I get the added bonus of making chicken stock while on writing-avoidance. Gotta love the silver linings.