Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot Hot Hot Fudgsicles

Of all the alternatives to air conditioning, and may I cite the practice of putting one's clothes in the freezer before putting them on as one of them, I dare you to top fudgsicles for deliciousness.

Okay, so you have to eat about 10 of them before you cool from the inside, and they don't have the same intriguing weight-loss trigger Haagen-Daz does, but they are fabulous anyway.

DID YOU KNOW (or rather, were you procrastinating hard enough to do a web search and discover) that the popsicle, the father of the fudgsicle, was invented by a kid, in 1905? Frank Epperson was his name, and he lived in San Francisco, where summers have got to be hot enough to make you think of frozen sugar. Frank did his experiments in the winter though, when it was cold enough to freeze his soda pop efforts. No freezers then, see?

Word is that it was an accident, and it took him 18 years to remember and market it, but Frank's unpublished memoirs say otherwise. He worked hard on that baby, only to sell off his rights too soon to make a fortune from it (or to invent the fudgsicle.) Typical, innit?

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