Friday, June 6, 2008

Spending Time to Save Time

One time, my Dad decided to learn acoustic guitar. I don't remember how long he lasted--ten minutes? a whole hour?--before he also decided he needed a footstool to get his knee to the right height to hold up the guitar. I sure remember how long he spent making that. And how long he spent sanding it to perfection before staining it a beautiful reddish brown colour. Then of course he had to improve on the design and his carpentry skills, and make a few others for people who'd admired the first one.

He never learned guitar. But that's okay, because he was a fabulous singer. I am no singer, but I realized this morning that my talent for productive procrastination may be genetic.

Having said that, I will NOT. NOT, I tell you, be acting on the intriguing ideas that occurred to me after watching a 1949 USDA film about efficient kitchen design, which I found when trawling Epicurious for recipes to add to my meal planner, should I ever get around to working on it. Just looking at all the recipes there drove me back to the novel.

But I'm still thinking about that kitchen this morning, and I've linked it in the Delay Tactics list. Just be warned that it might be risky viewing if you know a good carpenter or are one.

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