Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Camper

It's been rainy, so I've been thinking about camping. It always rains when I camp. It's like I have a personal raincloud that follows along the highway, waits till the tent and tarp are up, and then dumps hours' worth of the wet stuff.

That's one reason I shouldn't like camping, and my allergies are another--I have horrible hayfever and though it's not as bad now as it used to be, it's still enough to make camping a misery with or without rain. The list doesn't stop there, it just gets even less interesting.

Maybe what I really like is playing cards and Scrabble?

Anyway I'm thinking about camping, and that means I'm thinking about Airstream trailers, which pretty much means I'm wasting a ton of time looking at Airstream brochures online.

A trailer would be so much more comfortable for playing cards and Scrabble with a runny nose and itchy eyes in the rain, don't you think? Almost as good as staying home in the first place, and better in some ways, because you're camping.

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